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"I am one of the many who have been warmed and encouraged by the life and example of my friend Dick Bowley. Dick's faith and walk with God is the real thing. Adversity has a way of telling the truth about who we really are. As you read through this compelling book you will be drawn to Dick's real-time dependence on the God he knows and loves to give him what he needs to walk through his "valley of the shadow of death". But this book is also the story of the power of a praying community. Pop will fill you with hope, encouragement and will inspire you to enlist others to join you in seeking God in the middle of your challenges and adversity."

-Dr. Crawford W. Loritts, Jr. Author, Speaker, Radio Host Sr. Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church Roswell, Georgia

“There is nothing more inspiring than a personal testimony of God’s miraculous power and abiding presence.  In POP , Dick Bowley invites the reader to join him on the journey as he experiences the depths of God’s love in the midst of a life and death trial. I heartily recommend it.”

-Robert Whitlow Best-selling author of Water’s Edge

Get ready for an amazing journey – one that will challenge you, inspire you and lift your spirits.  Thank you Dick, for allowing us to go with you as you faced both your mortality and embraced your immortality.  This book is clearly a labor of love and a case study on the power of prayer!

-Mark Miller, Vice President Training & Development, Chick-fil-A Inc. and bestselling author of The Secret


A remarkable man telling a compelling story of his remarkable faith. A man whom I consider the gold standard for practicing prayer. His journey is inspiring and captures for those of us who read it, the one thing none of us can live a single second without, Hope! An inspiring read!!!

-Derrick Moore, former NFL player & Georgia Tech sports chaplain. 

This is a book about God’s provision in real time responding to urgent needs. With the support of a team of people focused on prayer, Dick Bowley and his family traversed the dark tunnel of adversity with the light of God leading the way. The lessons they learned, the miracles they saw, the fellow travelers who assisted them, and were assisted by them are vividly shown in this book. This is not simply a book about defeating disease; it is a book about how to live a victorious life!

-Dan Hayes Executive Director, Founder Atlanta Community Ministries

Like the fierce winds of a tornado, cancer wrecks havoc on anyone battling this life-altering disease. Patients and loved ones experience the physical, mental and emotional damage. Keys to survival are courage through faith and support from family and friends. The contents of this book take you deep into a man’s journey with leukemia. He reveals the raw, dark moments of fear and doubt that came over him during the hard times. He discusses how his faith in Jesus Christ, the power of prayer, and the endless love from his support system brought light to each new day.

-Hannah Collins, Dick’s Transplant Oncology Nurse

Dick Bowley has given us a realistic and readable account of the ups and downs of his cancer journey.   With his positive attitude of gratitude, his genuine faith, and his ability to apply Biblical truths to his situation, the good days outnumber the bad.   This book will inspire and encourage not only the person diagnosed with cancer but anyone who reads it!

-Amy Bridges, cancer survivor

We found Dick’s Care Pages when we were at our weakest: My husband and I sat at Emory University Hospital, preparing for his stem cell transplant, praying that this risky procedure would cure the leukemia he had been battling for months. We were in such need of hope, encouragement, and faith. We found that, and more, in the powerfully positive and uplifting words in each of Dick’s entries. We no longer felt alone in the journey—by following Dick’s daily progress, a new hope was instilled in us. Positive energy pours from Dick’s pages of writing, as he finds beauty and abundance in the simple. The sunrises we witnessed each morning upon waking in the hospital took on new meaning. Dick’s belief in a higher power deepened our belief…and we traveled our path in a way we could not have done without these Care Pages as our guide. One looks at life differently after overcoming such obstacles as cancer—Dick’s reflections will, hopefully, help us to maintain that perspective and never forget….

-Kristy Anderson

We wear many masks for the outside world in an attempt to disguise who we really are. We have a mask for our family, our friends, our co-workers and others. However, when a crisis invades our lives, the masks fall away and our true spirit is revealed. Acute Myelogeneous Leukemia revealed the true spirit of Dick Bowley. From that first day in the hospital when Dick prayed, “God, this was not my plan to be here, but you are in control,” and began to write about his journey, you knew that Dick was a man after God’s heart. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” The pages of Dick’s book are filled with assurance and conviction. The Beatitudes tell us, “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.” Read this book and you will see God.

-Mark Grady

I will always remember the night that I read the e-mail that Dick sent to all of his friends and co-workers telling us that he had been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.  This really hit close to home because I am a survivor of the same disease, having been through the treatment about two years earlier.  I immediately felt a bond with Dick, and although we didn’t really know each other very well, I contacted him because I wanted him to know that the disease can be conquered and that my family and I would be praying for him.  Dick and I stayed in touch throughout his treatment and have become great friends.  I am proud to be a part of the POP Power of Prayer team! Dick’s “Care Pages” are an amazing testament of his strength, character and faith in God.  In reading these entries, it was always easy to see God at work in Dick’s life because despite everything that he was going through, the message was always positive.  Clearly, God had given Dick the peace that he needed to get through the treatment and become a cancer survivor.  I am so glad that Dick has decided to publish his Care Pages entries to share his journey.  No doubt, this book will be an inspiration to anyone who reads it.  It will especially bless anyone who is going through cancer treatment or any type of similar situation.

-Dave Goodyear, cancer survivor

“ POP ” is an incredible reminder of how powerful collaborative prayer is.  Dick’s authentic journey through his experience is restorative and refreshing and has touched the lives of many already!  By sharing his challenges and praises, many more will be blessed by reading POP.

-Teneya Fouts, breast cancer Survivor

On October 27th 2008, Dick Bowley began an incredible journey that would change his live and the lives of those that took that walk with him forever.  When faced with a life threatening illness, Dick turns to his deep and abiding faith and uses electronic blogging to keep his hundreds of love ones, friends and supporters informed about is going on with him. As one of Dick’s supporters on the blog, I can tell you that, while we thought we were offering Dick love and encouragement, it was Dick who was a support and inspiration most days to me! For health professionals, this journal provides a rare insight into the complete journey patients go through from diagnosis, into recovery and beyond.   POP is a lovely gift for patients, families and health care workers and I highly recommend it for any one facing a serious health situation or someone supporting a person facing serious illnesses.  Thanks Dick for allowing us all the opportunity to walk this path with you!

-Dr. Lisa Wright Eichelberger, Dean and Professor, College of Health, Clayton State University

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